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TV, movies, music, and media in general often devise discouraging content. We produce media resources for all ages that encourage positive values.

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We produce family-friendly films and faith-based resources that encourage positive values.


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 resources including film productions, teaching content, blog posts, and more

Don’t Get the New MacBook!

In this episode, we discuss new phones from Google and new computers from apple. And I’ve got a challenge for you that’s more of a buyer beware...

A New Approach to Christmas

Don't limit your church's outreach this Christmas season. In this episode, we share ideas on how you can take advantage of the full Christmas season...

Original Productions

Family-friendly films that increase truth and inspire hope.

Getting Started with an Effective Media Plan

If you don’t put these concepts into practice, your media will never stand out and will always blend in with the other marketing noise.

Refocus with These Phone Features

Highlighting the top features of iOS/iPadOS 15 that can actually help you reduce your screen time. Watch This Episode – https://cmhq.cc/iOS15...

Communicating with Designers

Part 2 of our "Working with Creatives" coaching series. Start your 30-day FREE trial of ChurchMediaHQ (no credit card required) at https://ChurchMediaHQ.com

Let There Be Light

No matter how good of a camera you may have, if your lighting isn’t right, your video won’t be either. In this episode, we talk practical steps to...

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