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Time-Saving Tools and Automations

Time-Saving Tools and Automations

An episode featuring the tools and apps I use most. I've found that designating certain devices for certain tools and apps helps to keep life more effectively compartmentalized. Work and personal share the same life and the lines are more blurred than ever. And tech powers our lives in a big way so diversifying the roles of the different devices helps me shift from one mode to another.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Featuring content from a previous episode of Church Advance with Bryan Samms. Luke serves as the co-host and producer of Bryan’s podcast.

Watch this episode at ⁠https://YouTube.com/MustIncrease⁠

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Every Church Is Multisite

Every Church Is Multisite

Every church has two campuses – your physical location and online presence. Over 90% of visitors will visit your church website before ever stepping foot into your physical building. Your website and online presence will always be a place to reach people. We unpack the importance of both locations and how your church can use your online presence to make an unforgettable first impression!

Watch this episode at ⁠https://YouTube.com/MustIncrease⁠

Connect with Luke at ⁠https://MustIncrease.com

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You’re Doing Too Much

A free video series to help you achieve a higher level of excellence with your church’s creative media and marketing while actually simplifying your approach and saving you precious time, energy, and resources.

New Macs and More

A review of Apple's new MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and HomePod. We also revisit the latest MacBook Air. Watch this episode at https://YouTube.com/MustIncrease Connect with us at https://MustIncrease.com

Put Down the Screen!

A conversation with Matt Gleb. Matt serves as an assistant pastor at People's Baptist Church in Greenville, North Carolina. Connect with Matt –...

Which iPhone Should You Buy?

We review some of the features of the latest iPhone software update iOS 16 and answer the question "Which iPhone should I buy?" Watch this episode...

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