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Most TV and movies for kids contain some form of messaging that devalues morals and promotes an agenda. For nearly a decade, we have been producing quality kids films designed to tell stories that engage kids while teaching truth.

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Take Flight (2019)

Carter encounters a new threat that attacks from above and must accept his new role of leading his team to victory and defeating the Wild Wingman. Accompanied by his goofy sidekick Beuford, Carter meets Ava who prepares him to face the worst villain yet.

Impossible (2018)

Carter is inducted into the Impossible Task Force (ITF) with a mission that truly seems impossible. With guidance from his mentor, Mr. Mario and the help from some new team mates, Carter learns the value of believing and having the faith to do the Impossible.

Drive (2017)

When Mr. Mario learns that his shop will be shut down, Carter volunteers to enter a big race to save Mr. Mario’s shop. But before he can win the race, Carter must learn some valuable lessons about driving and must beware the Reckless Racer who seeks to win at all costs.