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I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin – Episode 032

I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin – Episode 032

Depending on who you ask, you may receive a variety of suggestions on where you should begin if you want to improve your media. Ask the social media consultant, and they may recommend purchasing Facebook ads. The web guru might say to focus on your SEO. The designer...

Watch Our Newest Kids Film for FREE

Watch Our Newest Kids Film for FREE

Our team is excited to release Take Flight, our latest production in our series of kids films. You can watch this film online for FREE here or visit our online store to order your copy on DVD. In this film, Carter encounters a new threat that attacks from above and...

Making the Most of a Down Season

Making the Most of a Down Season

Summer can be a challenging time of year for outreach at any church, but this does not mean we need to bump the breaks on your church’s outreach efforts in the coming months. School is out, families will go on vacation, and some people may even opt to go to the lake...

One of the Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made

One of the Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made

I made a lot of mistakes when I was a church creative director. One of the biggest was waiting too late to start preparing for Easter.  What I've found now, after working with other churches for the past several years, is that too many tend to repeat this mistake...

What Makes Must Increase So Different?

With the average person being exposed to as many as 4,000 promotional impressions per day, does your church’s media even have a chance of being noticed? We save your marketing efforts from drowning in the sea of media noise. Your church’s media can stand out and make a lasting impression on those you want to reach. We evaluate your needs and lay out a plan to take your media to the next level free of charge 

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We then seek to keep you on track with your plan by offering continued support via our free resources or by way of our products/services. And we guarantee that if we can’t directly provide a solution for your media needs, we’ll connect you with someone who can. How much longer will you let your church’s brand blend in with all the other media overload? How many more people will not be reached by your church due to a lack of effective marketing? How much longer are you going to put off taking your media to the next level? Get started with your free media evaluation and action plan today. We look forward to increasing His name through your church!

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