We create high-quality content that increases truth and inspires hope

TV, movies, music, and media in general often devise discouraging content. We produce media resources for all ages that encourage positive values.

Church Leaders

We equip you with creative content and empower you with the knowledge to engage more people


Kids & Families

We produce family-friendly films and faith-based resources that encourage positive values.


Creatives & Professionals

We connect mission-driven organizations to designers, videographers, and other creative experts


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Featured Content

 resources including film productions, teaching content, blog posts, and more

Connection Culture

In a society overrun by toxic communication, we create positive content for you and your family that increases truth and inspires hope.

Timeless Hopes in Hopeless Times (Video Series)

Watch on YouTube. In these uncertain times, we can find hope in the glorious message of Easter.


We equip you with creative content and empower you with the knowledge to engage more people

Getting Started with an Effective Media Plan

If you don’t put these concepts into practice, your media will never stand out and will always blend in with the other marketing noise.

Original Productions

Family-friendly films that increase truth and inspire hope.

Using the Power of Video to Enhance Your Message

Though video is by far the most powerful form of media, many churches are not tapping into this power and using it to its full potential.

Hero’s Quest Original Soundtrack

The original songs and music from our latest film. Now available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and more!

The Danger of Dopamine

While dopamine release is a natural function of the human body, experiencing an overload on a regular basis is not healthy as it causes our bodies to become addicted to the "good feels" it provides. One of the ways our society has become addicted to dopamine is...

Hero’s Quest

Watch on YouTube. An all-new original production for kids, families, and churches.

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