We create high-quality content that increases truth and inspires hope

TV, movies, music, and media in general often devise discouraging content. We produce media resources for all ages that encourage positive values.

Church Leaders

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We produce family-friendly films and faith-based resources that encourage positive values.


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We connect mission-driven organizations to designers, videographers, and other creative experts


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 resources including film productions, teaching content, blog posts, and more

Should You Get the New iPhone?

An unpopular opinion about Marvel’s latest movie. Apple announces new phones, iPads, and more today. And this week’s challenge is more of a...

Music and the Multitude

What music is proper to a worship service? Here, we discuss the current trends of Christian music and how that indicates the type of worship style...

Original Productions

Family-friendly films that increase truth and inspire hope.

Getting Started with an Effective Media Plan

If you don’t put these concepts into practice, your media will never stand out and will always blend in with the other marketing noise.

Pixar’s First Streaming Series and VidAngel Review

In this episode, we review Pixar’s first-ever streaming series as well as the VidAngel content filtering service. We also discuss some devastating...

How Long Does It Take to Produce Quality Media?

A conversation with ChurchMediaHQ contributor, Jeremy Lenentine. Jeremy serves as an outreach pastor in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Try ChurchMediaHQ for 30 days with no credit card required. Start for FREE at https://ChurchMediaHQ.com

Only Do Video Once You’ve Mastered Audio

Unfortunately, many churches are still not prioritizing their podcast presence. Either they don’t see the value in having a podcast or they simply...

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