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The Journey of the Magi: A Journey of Faith

The Journey of the Magi: A Journey of Faith

The Journey of the Magi: A Journey of Faith By: Nash Meade "...With the voices singing in our ears, saying That this was all folly..." T.S. Eliot, "The Journey of the Magi" Read the full poem here: https://poetryarchive.org/poem/journey-magi T.S. Eliot’s poem serves...

Avoid This Classic Oversight – Episode 038

Avoid This Classic Oversight – Episode 038

One of the greatest hindrances to effective marketing is believing the lie that your media can be put on auto-pilot. But is this true for any other area at your church? Can you just assume that the bathrooms will automatically stay clean? Or that the sound system will...

Why Is Your Design So Ugly?- Episode 037

Why Is Your Design So Ugly?- Episode 037

Let’s say you’ve dug in and done the work to develop messaging that is clear and centric to who you are trying to reach. You’ve spent hours working with a designer to create all the aspects of your visual identity. Then next Sunday you find that the bulletin is still...

Perception is Reality- Episode 036

Perception is Reality- Episode 036

You have probably driven by a restaurant that appeared to be run down and thought, “That place is gross; I’ll never eat there.” You never took the time to ask someone who had been there or look the Yelp reviews. For all you know, it may serve award-winning local...

What Are You Trying to Say? – Episode 035

What Are You Trying to Say? – Episode 035

Have you ever gotten into a conversation with someone who is too smart for you? You know, like the technician you called to fix your internet who used big techy words the whole time you were on the phone, but you could care less as long as you can just use WiFi again....

The Formula for Failure – Episode 034

The Formula for Failure – Episode 034

Let’s look at an all-too-common scenario amongst most visionary leaders. The leader thinks up that Game-changing Idea. The leader pitches Game-changing Idea to his team. The meeting gets pumped to see how Game-changing Idea is going to change everything. And in as...

What Makes Must Increase So Different?

With the average person being exposed to as many as 4,000 promotional impressions per day, does your church’s media even have a chance of being noticed? We save your marketing efforts from drowning in the sea of media noise. Your church’s media can stand out and make a lasting impression on those you want to reach. We evaluate your needs and lay out a plan to take your media to the next level free of charge 

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We then seek to keep you on track with your plan by offering continued support via our free resources or by way of our products/services. And we guarantee that if we can’t directly provide a solution for your media needs, we’ll connect you with someone who can. How much longer will you let your church’s brand blend in with all the other media overload? How many more people will not be reached by your church due to a lack of effective marketing? How much longer are you going to put off taking your media to the next level? Get started with your free media evaluation and action plan today. We look forward to increasing His name through your church!

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