Video is the most powerful medium there is. Why? Because you see it and hear it. During all of the major US conflicts such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, especially WWII, the people at home were supportive of the war as a majority.

Then came Vietnam which is considered by many to be the most unsupported war in American history. Why? What changed? The Vietnam War was the first American conflict that the American people saw on television. They watched it happen.

You see, during Vietnam, for the first time, the media was right there recording and reporting all of it. The American people saw their soldiers being killed, the battered bodies on the jungle floor and they said, “No more, bring our boys home”.

There were riots and protest. It was a whole movement. “Get out of Vietnam.” Why did they feel that way? Because they saw it. They watched a war unfold on their television set. The horrors of war became real when they could see it.

The power of video changed our nation’s perspective on war. Since that time, the anti-war agenda has become more and more dominant because now, anything and everything including real footage from war is on TV and even on our phones to view.

If video was so powerful as to ultimately sway a national decision regarding one of the most brutal conflicts in recent history, consider the kind of effects it can have on you and your children?

Let me challenge you to be personally responsible for what content you consume by way of video and intentionally involved with what your child is watching on TV and online.

We don’t believe anti-television is the answer. Rather, take the approach of actively knowing what your family is viewing and teach them how to discern and filter the content they consume.